Email Marketing Services

E-mails are no longer restricted to computers or notebooks, thanks to smart-phones!! They are the most direct, prompt and straight-forward form of communication. In current scenario, organizations consider e-mail marketing as the last or side form of marketing business. But in actual, this is the most direct way to draw the attention of your customers.

Galore IT Solutions has eminently utilized the E-mail marketing technique to benefit businesses. With the advent of smart-phones, access to inboxes and internet is no longer a hassle. We have ardently analyzed and looked at all the aspects of this direct form of marketing. In addition to that, a team of experts is meticulously involved in the campaigning of e-mail marketing i.e. generating opt-in lists, messaging, page-statistics, open ratio analysis, page optimization etc. The aim of our team is to generate maximum revenue from minimum expenditure.

The outcome of e-mail marketing has been phenomenal. This direct-hit marketing has aligned with multi-channel, multi-touch marketing approach that has enhanced number of customers and thereby generated leads, which is really worth all the efforts. It has proven out that in comparison to other digital marketing services, e-mail marketing has touched the minds of customers and helped the organization in building trust.

Galore IT Solutions reigns the e-mail marketing segment, so just let us show you the positive side of this digital solution.

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